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°   Early Collector: Forty-plus years collecting pens

°   First Book— Collectible Fountain Pens
Originally published in 1981, sold over 100,000 copies in 11 separate print versions with annual pen value updates, Remains today as one of the most important go to books on the value of pens ever published

°   Second Book: Pen Speak—The Secret Language of Pen Lovers
Published 1995 and is considered the Pen Dictionary for collectors

°    Founding Publisher and owner of Pen World International, 1987-2008. The first and currently the recognized world leader for a full print magazine dedicated exclusively to collecting and using fine writing instruments.

°    Founding Publisher of Pen Finder.
The premier pen sales catalog for high value collectible fountain pens, published between 1990-1995.

°    Founder and First Chairman of the International Pen Association, the business association for the global writing instruments industry.

°    One of the original show organizers of the Chicago Pen Show.
Late 1970s—the first known pen show anywhere.

°    The primary pen show sponsor for a dozen or more major pen shows each year, 1987-2008, as publisher and owner of Pen World International.

Recent publishing work

°   Developed, designed and contributed the content for this website https://collectiblefountainpens.com

°  Developed a Facebook "members only" group, Collectible Fountain Pens Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1726059560792241/

°   Contributed photos of rare fountain pens for the Pen Collectors of America Calendar for 2018 and 2019. See 2018 Calendar below.

°   Wrote and provided photos for THE PENNANT's Spring 2018 edition cover story about Waterman's taper cap fountain pens. See cover and article below.

°   Wrote and provided photos for THE PENNANT's Summer 2018 edition about collection vintage Waterman's pens.

°   Interviewed by Ink Studio, a pen magazine based in Mexico City, Mexico, to be published in the first half of 2018.

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Collectible Fountain Pens 

Collectible Fountain Pens was the second book ever published about collecting pens. Originally published in 1981, it was reprinted eleven times in a total volume of more than 100,000 copies. Separately and with each printing, the pen value price guide was updated annually until 1995. It remains an important reference book for dealers and collectors who are interested in the relative value of fountain pen models. Copies of my book are available from private sellers through Amazon.com.


PenSpeak—The Secret Language of Pen Lovers

Published 1995, this Pen Dictionary was written for all pen collectors from novice to expert. This small volume is packed with information about collecting pens, buying, selling, and trading pens, attending pens shows, pen repair services, and so forth, and it contains the only physical pen dictionary chocked full of terms and descriptions. Copies are still available through this website for $9.95, plus $5.00 shipping.

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Pen World International

The first and still recognized as the global leader for a full print magazine dedicated exclusively to collecting and using vintage and modern fine writing instruments, 1987 - present—more than 175 issues have been published since the first issue and it is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. The magazine is bimonthly and single copies and subscriptions are available on the website, www.penworld.com.

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PenFinder was the premier full color pen sales catalog of investment quality collectible vintage fountain pens. The rarest of the rare pens were available through this bimonthly catalog. It was sold to Berliner Pens in 1996. Originally published between 1990-1995.

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Photo contributions of rare vintage fountain pens — Cover, February, April, June, August and November




Feature Article and Cover Story: THE PENNANT, Spring 2018—Waterman's Taper-Cap Fountain Pen

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pg29 taper cap Spring 2018-2
pg30 taper cap Spring 2018-3
pg33 taper cap Spring 2018-4

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