Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the most popular collectible pens?

The top three brands are Parker, Montblanc and Waterman

What about other pen brands, are they collectible?

Yes, in particular the pens of Aiken-Lambert, Conklin, John Holland, Mabie Todd, Moore, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Swan and Wahl-Eversharp. Others may be collectible as well, but may be minor brands.

How do I know if my pens are collectible?

Your pens are most likely collectible if they were made before the 1940s. Many vintage pens are collectible that were produced up through the 1970s. After that, it's a case by case basis.

Can you tell me if my pens are collectible and what they are worth today?

Of course! Yes, I can. See my expert qualifications under ABOUT US.

Does it matter if my pens write?

Somewhat. Most pens can be repaired for under $100.

Does the condition of my pens matter?

Yes, condition matters most right after collectibility. The closer the pens are to the day they were born the more value they will have.

Will you offer to buy my pens, as well?

Maybe, but only if I haven't provided an evaluation of your pens. This is to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

Why just a maybe about buying my pens?

  1. Do I already have them in my collection?
  2. Would they be good replacements or upgrades to those I have?
  3. Can I sell them for a profit if I don't need them?
  4. Have I inspected them, if needed, to make an offer?

What does your evaluation cost?

My evaluations are free up to 5 pens. Each additional pen is $1.

Can I send you my pens?

Yes, you may send them to Evaluate My Pens, Post Office Box 6037, Kingwood, TX, 77325...but only after you've been approved to send them. Start with photographs, or photocopies.

Can I ship my pens if I live outside the US?

Yes, but only if you've been pre-approved to do so.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! I'm available to answer your questions 24/7/365. You can contact me through this web site, or you may send me an email at