Gallery 7


The photos in this gallery were submitted to the Pen Collectors of America for its 2018 Calendar. Seven of my photos were selected including the cover photo.



All images and photographs are the intellectual property of Glen B Bowen and are protected by U.S. Copyright. These photos may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner without written permission granted from the copyright holder. Any use of these photos must include proper photo credit as shown below:

Photography and artwork by Glen B. Bowen©

Onyx Patrician Lovers—Perfection72

Selected for February

This pristine, mint example shows what the Waterman Onyx Patrician [1930-33] looked like when it was new. An example like this is extremely rare, because the pen is prone to discoloration and breakage of the red hard rubber ends.

6 Big Bill Thompson Desk Set Gal7

Not Selected

Big Bill Thompson's desk set was not selected for the calendar. Big Bill was 3-time Chicago mayor during the era of flappers, prohibition, and gangsters.

3 Parker Coronet CFP© Gal7

Selected for April

The Imperial Coronet was the top of the range of Parker's Vacumatic series introduced in 1940. It was made of yellow and green 14 karat gold. Originally, the fountain pen was priced at $100 and the matching pencil at $50.

Hazel from Dad..Grad Gift CFP© redo rgb

Selected for June

This sterling silver Waterman 452-1/2 LEC lever-filler in the Hand Engraved Vine pattern—to "Hazel" from a clearly doting "Dad"—could have been a graduation or wedding gift. The slip-on clip was an optional Waterman accessory and may have been added later.

Parker 51 Demonstrator Prototype 4th of July lo res CFP©

Not Selected

Submitted for July, the Parker 51 full demonstrator overlays a tattered United States flag.


Not Selected

Wahl-Eversharp desk base with Gold Seal fountain pen in black and pearl features a mandolin player. This rare piece is from the early 1930s.

Snakes 3 CFP©72

Selected for August

Introduced in 1906 in silver and gold-filled versions, the Parker Snake would become one of the world's most collectible fountain pens. The overlay was produced by George W. Heath & Co., the firm that also created the propelling pencil in the photo, although it was not part of the Parker lineup.

Parker 51 Out of This World CFP© lo lo res

Not Selected

A pair of early Parker 51s. One is 1940 and the other is 1941, both in grey with Sterling caps and gold-filled inset cap bands. Note that the tassies are made from aluminum.

7 Aztec on Autumn Leaves Gal7

Not Selected

The Half Aztec, as it's called, is a rare Parker model from the early 20th century. It was submitted for a fall month.

LeBoeuf Fall Motif web CFP©

Selected for November

LeBoeuf caramel and pearl with red veining sleeve-filler fountain pen [aka thumb-filler], with No. 8 nib. Springfield, Massachusetts, c 1928.

1 Holiday Gift Pens Gal7

Selected for the Cover Photo

From left: Mabie, Todd & Bard "The Swan Pen," straight-cap eyedropper-filler with sterling silver overlay, New York, c. 1895; A.B & Co. sterling silver straight-cap eyedropper-filler, London, England, c. 1900; unmarked taper-cap eyedropper-filler with gold-filled overlay, American, c. 1900; Waterman straight-cap eyderopper-filler with gold-filled "Chased" pattern overlay, New York, New York, c. 1905; Waterman No. 452 1/2 LEC lever-filler in sterling silver, Hand Engraved Vine pattern with slip-on sterling pocket clip, New York, New York, c. 1927; Wirt taper-cap eyedropper-filler with gold filled overlay, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, c. 1910; Wirt taper-cap eyedropper-filler with sterling silver overlay, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, c. 1895; Waterman No. 0552 gold-filled Pansy Panel lever-filler, New York, New York, c. 1928; Waterman Ideal No. 44 sterling silver night & Day safety, American and French overlay, c. 1920.