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Original Maple Wood Box with Certificate of authenticity

DSCN6750 copy
DSCN6735 copy
DSCN6744 copy

Waterman #44 Night & Day Sterling Silver Overlay Dropper Filled Safety Fountain Pen

Silver Hallmarks in cap and barrel

Original flexible #4 Waterman 14k gold nib

No stamping visible on end of barrel

Initials engraved in cap crown

Circa 1920s

DSCN5721 copy1
DSCN5723 copy2
DSCN5730 copy4
DSCN5728 copy3
DSCN5732 copy5
DSCN5731 copy6

Early Parker #9 Dropper Filled Fountain Pen Wavy Pattern & Dual Bands

This is an important historical fountain pen

The imprint and chasing is worn, but visible. The imprint may have been heated because of the raised look.

Early Rounded Bottom Parkers were not imprinted with numbers on them [these were earlier than the Flat Bottom Parkers] 

Earliest known Patent Date 1894

Lucky Curve Feeder is complete and correct

Nib is incorrect...Blackbird Flexible #4. The correct nib would most likely be a #3 Parker Lucky Curve Keyhole.

Length: 5-3/4 inches

DSCN5981 copy1
DSCN5995 copy5
DSCN5982 copy4
DSCN5976 copy2
DSCN5984 copy3
DSCN5990 copy6
DSCN6010 copy7

Waterman #12 Red & Black Mottled Dropper Filled with Original Price Stickers

Semi-flex original #2 Waterman nib...looks unused, however there appears to be very slight amount of dried ink on the underside of the nib..but can't be sure. Maybe it was dipped. I really can't imagine anyone would write with this pen without removing the original pricing stickers.

Barrel has less red marbling than the cap, although I'm certain both started out life together and have remained faithful all these years.

Barrel patent date is 1903, however the pocket clip is 1905, so I assume this pen was produced in 1905, or not more than 1910. Pen is easily more than 100 years old...a true antique.

DSCN5701 copy1
DSCN5708 copy2
DSCN5710 copy3
DSCN5712 copy4
DSCN5714 copy6
DSCN5717 copy8
DSCN5716 copy7
DSCN5719 copy9

Parker #24-1/2 BCHR Dropper Filled Fountain Pen Large Flexible #4 Nib

One of the best examples I've seen of this near mint rare pen

From the two holes in the cap it appears there may have been a pocket clip at one time, or an attempt to install one that was aborted...or?

The large #4 flexible nib is original

The Lucky Curve Feeder is completely intact and has not been cut off by a repairman.

Very crisp barrel imprints. Really nice piece for any collection and at least 100 years old...a true antique.

Circa: 1910s

DSCN5870 copy1
DSCN5882 copy2
DSCN5884 copy3
DSCN5886 copy4a
DSCN5888 copy4b
DSCN5894 copy5
DSCN5895 copy6
DSCN5896 copy7
DSCN5907 copy9
DSCN5904 copy8

Waterman #12 Black Chased Hard Rubber Dropper Filled Fountain Pen — Mint

This pen is in perfect condition and looks brand new
Still has the original red wax in the cap breather holes
The decorative cap band is perfect as is the deep and crisp cap imprint and the bottom of the barrel number stamping that also still has the original red wax inside the number 12
Ultra rare in this condition for a pen more than 100 years old
Circa: 1903/07
DSCN5789 copy
DSCN5797 copy
DSCN5798 copy
DSCN5800 copy
DSCN5802 copy
DSCN5803 copy
DSCN5811 copy

Waterman #12 Red and Black Mottled Dropper Filled Fountain Pen

Mint and Rare
The internal threads are as pristine looking as they were over 100 years ago without a trace of ink stains.
Super crisp barrel imprints, stunning red marbling, latest patent date, 1903, perfect, unused, original Waterman #2 nib.
Circa: 1903/07
DSCN5736 copy
DSCN5740 copy
DSCN5742 copy
DSCN5743 copy
DSCN5745 copy
DSCN5747 copy
DSCN5748 copy
DSCN5753 copy

Waterman #72 Black Chased Hard Rubber Dropper Filled Fountain Pen

This pen appears like almost new old stock, but there are slight signs of wear
Not sure if the pen was ever used...no
The original #2 Waterman 14k nib looks pristine
Circa 1920s
DSCN5814 copy
DSCN5817 copy
DSCN5818 copy
DSCN5820 copy
DSCN5822 copy
DSCN5825 copy
DSCN5826 copy

Edison Fountain Pen Filigree Overlay in Mottled Red and Black Hard Rubber

DSCN7014 copy
DSCN7019 copy
DSCN7023 copy
DSCN7026 copy

Special Sailor Fountain Pen

This 21karat gold nib was produced by the legendary master nib designer Nobuyoshi Nagahara. The nib is called the Cross Emperor.

Mr. Nagahara personally oversaw and directed the design process of Sailor’s unique nibs.

It appears that the barrel end knob has been lost, or broken off.

Not sure what's that about. When the section is unscrewed, it looks like an international convertor can be attached to provide a continuous ink supply. 

The nib is stamped from point to base:

Anchor [logo]
Sailor [logo script]

DSCN6968 copy
DSCN6975 copy
DSCN6978 copy
DSCN6972 copy