Waterman Pen Company


All images and photographs are the intellectual property of Glen B Bowen and are protected by U.S. Copyright. These photos may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner without written permission granted from the copyright holder. Any use of these photos must include proper photo credit as shown below:

Photography and artwork by Glen B. Bowen©

waterman 14kt lec lever filled 55416
waterman 56 cardinal left16
waterman 56 cardinal right16
waterman 56 sleeve filler closed16
waterman 56 sleeve filler open16
1DSCN1050 copy
waterman 58 and 20 up right16
waterman 58 and 20 straight right16
waterman 58 bchr gf trim left16
waterman 58 bchr gf trim right16
waterman 58 chased left16
waterman 58 chased right16
waterman 58 pair left16
waterman 58 pair right16
waterman 58 ripple single16
waterman 94 black set mint in box16
Waterman 100yr red in box16
Waterman 100yr red no box16
waterman 442 filigree in box right16
waterman 442 filigree in box16
waterman 442 safeties longer16
waterman 442 safeties with clips16
waterman 442 short gf safeties16
waterman 442 short sterling barley corn16
waterman 442 sterling grain in box16
waterman 442 sterling grain no box16
Waterman 458 left16
Waterman 458 right16
waterman 472 right down16
waterman 472 sterling left up16
Waterman 0542 Safety16
waterman 0552 barrel filigree left16
waterman 0552 barrel filigree right16
waterman 0552 filigree16
waterman 0552 gf filigree lex16
waterman 0552 pansey left16
waterman 0552 pansey w pencil right16
waterman 0552 plain in box16
waterman 0552 plain no box16
waterman 0554 filigree left16
waterman 0554 gf filigree16
waterman 0554 short safeties16
waterman 0554 sleeve closed16
waterman 0554 sleeve open16
Waterman 0556 Spanish Design left16
Waterman 0556 Spanish Design right16
waterman baby box16
waterman baby in the box16
waterman baby next to the box16
Waterman baby next to wat 2016
waterman combo capped16
waterman combo uncapped16
waterman early gf filigree in box16
waterman early gf filigree no box left16
waterman Euro safety gf left16
waterman Euro safety gf right16
Waterman gf lec linged16
waterman gf night day safety16
waterman gf safety alternating panels16
waterman large filigree safety16
waterman large safety silver filigree16
waterman long filigree safety16
waterman long solid gold barely corn16
waterman med safety iwth engraving16
waterman med safety sterling over black16
waterman med size gf safeties16
waterman night day safety over woodgrain16
waterman pair 442short safeties16
waterman pair gf safety longs16
waterman pair safety gf filigrees16
waterman safety 20 left16
waterman safety 444 sterling right16
waterman safety snake clip left16
waterman safety snake clip right16
waterman saftey 20 bright16
waterman saftey 444 left16
waterman safety snake clip left16
waterman safety snake clip right16
waterman saftey 20 bright16
waterman set vine gf lec16
waterman short safety sterling filigree16
waterman taper 22 left16
waterman taper 22 right16
waterman thin gf safety in lined patt16
waterman thin gf safety in weave pattern16
waterman thin silver over woodgrain safety16
waterman vine safety sterling overlay16
DSCN0676 copy